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Our Dynamic CDL Program

Begin your Journey with us in 4 Steps

Step One

Identify that you are ready for a change in career and have the background and clearance to being the program with us. This program will need at least 60days of dedicated time.

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Step Two

Request & Submit an application to our dropBox (info@bagtrainigacademy.com) for consideration into the program with us, with all the needed documents to identify your eligibility.

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Step three

Make your payments and start the program with access to documented lessons, one-on-on in-person instructions, trucking knowledge demonstration, in-dept road test training & practice test learning.

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Step Four

Complete all the required pre-tests, complete all the required behind the wheel assessments. Submit your application to DPS and schedule for certification test.

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Request Additional Information:

We take every candidate request and concerns very seriously and make a serious effort to provide expedited responses that will help speed-up your journey into this new career. We have a digital dropbox(Info@bagtrainingacademy.com) that is monitored 24/7 to allow for immediate replies when needed.


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